Job Advice for Graduates: Top 5 Tips

When you finish your degree, there is this sense of immense pride and achievement – you have done what you set out to do. And while taking a moment to enjoy this is important, you should also be preparing yourself mentally for what is ahead. Finding a job can be intimidating after the years in college and you can even find yourself competing against friends from class. So how do you prepare yourself and stand out from the crowd of other graduates to get that dream job?

Start immediately (and stay calm)

Once the pride of your graduation wears off, there can be a sense of panic – you NEED a job and so does everyone else, how are you going to survive? What will you live on until you get a job!

One of the best pieces of advice is to stay calm and start your preparation immediately but don’t rush the job. If you rush and panic, this will come across in what you do and you might not show your best self to potential employers. Instead, calmly assess what you need for the job hunt and you will probably find you have a lot of it almost ready to go anywhere.

Get your CV and online profiles in shape

The CV is still the go-to document for job hunting, even in the online world. In fact, it has become even more of a fine art as automatic sorting processes can eliminate job hunters without a real person ever seeing them. So getting your CV just right is a crucial step. You can then upload this to relevant job sites and there’s the chance the employer could come to you.

Also, consider using the power of social media – LinkedIn is a perfect example. Known as the professional social media network, it is a great place to start building contacts and even finding jobs to apply for.

Talk to recruitment agencies

Whether you look at specialists or generalists, chatting to recruitment agencies is always advisable. Many companies outsource the job of finding applicants and these are the people who do the matching up tasks. They are paid a commission to find applicants but they also want to find the right applicant so they can help guide you towards the right roles and avoid wasting time with the wrong ones.

Make yourself employable

Remember that your degree alone won’t net you the job – the company is employing you, not just the title you have gained. So making yourself more employable is a good step – do some voluntary work, get a fresh online qualification while you are job hunting or even start a blog. These all show that you are more than just your degree.

Understand the job

It is tempting to jump into the first job you are offered because you need that work but make sure you understand the job before you sign up. Look at things like the total package on offer, what the expectations are, what the workplace culture is like – all of these things can have a big impact on your daily life and will help you decide if this role is the one for you.