All families need to prepare for the worst in terms of severe weather and tornadoes. Here are just a few tips to take before and during an oncoming tornado:

Make sure you have the most updated information about any storms nearby that may be generating tornadoes. Utilizing TVs or radios will be the most effective methods for those who cannot see any impending tornado in the horizon. For tornadoes in the horizon, you must act quickly, especially if you do not have a storm shelter. If you are able to evacuate your home, turn off all heating and cooling devices before departing. 

Listen and take note of announcements of a tornado watch or tornado warning. Use this information to determine when to move yourself, your family, friends or employees to your strong tornado shelter. Take a few moments with your family, friends or employees to go over your pre-determined tornado emergency plan. Discuss where and how to seek your underground shelter.

If a tornado is coming immediately, make sure your children know a tornado is coming and you all have to get to a safe area. Bring them and your family members to your wind resistant underground our designated tornado shelter. Take extra measures for people with special needs. Grab any special needs medication, paperwork, important documents or materials for these individuals before entering the storm shelter. It is also important to bring blankets and any other heating devices that may be needed in colder months.

Stay calm and keep inside the shelter as the storm passes overhead. Use radios or portable televisions to keep up with the latest storm information. Consume simple food and water that has been placed in the shelter if needed. Console children; administer first aid to anyone who requires it. All first aid kits should contain heating and cooling pads to be administered for anyone who may have panic attacks or who requires temperature alteration.

Staying safe during severe weather or massive tornadoes is the utmost of importance for you and your family. By purchasing a Storm Shelter, families can assure their safety through Mother Nature’s worst storms, supercells or twisters. Purchasing one of these shelters is one of the best investments you can make for the future – it will last a lifetime and protect you and your family for endless seasons of increased tornado and severe weather activity. Many different types of shelters come with additional heating and cooling options for those people living in areas in which tornadoes occur year round.

Do not gamble with your or anyone else’s life during these devastating weather outbreaks. Stay safe, do not panic, and make sure you take you and your family’s safety completely seriously. Preparation for these twisters will ensure a better chance of survival for you and your family. Make sure you do ample research and gather all the materials you need before the next tornado strikes!