4 Key Things for a Successful Job Search

Personal Brand

First things first, as soon as you have decided that you want to start looking for a new role, make sure your personal brand comes across as professional as well as having enough insight into you and why someone should employ you. There are lots of things you can do to get your personal brand up to scratch but for me the main point is to do a sweep of your social media. Make sure any personal accounts that have things that might not make you look so great on them Private and make sure you have professional looking accounts set up on the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. Most importantly make sure they show you off in the best possible light.


Once your personal branding is in order you can use this to help you perfect your CV. Make sure it covers all relevant experience for the roles you want to apply for. Your personal statement is up to date and again that you really show yourself off and stand out from the crowd.

Job Boards

As soon as your CV is up to date, set up accounts on all the relevant job boards you can find. Ensure that your accounts are fresh, up to date and include key words for the kinds of jobs you are searching for. This will help recruitment agencies find you, taking a little bit of the leg work out of the job hunt.

Interview Prep

Hopefully your amazing CV will land you a few interviews. Make sure you take every interview seriously. Study the company, the job spec, the person spec and think about ways that you can show you fit the bill. Make sure you prep for the journey there too as there’s nothing like being late to an interview to throw you off your game.

And to top it all off make sure you stand out in the interview itself, to get you started here are a few personal experience led tips from Entrepreneur James from LifeSkills …